Shaving & Hair Removal

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Nose Ear Facial Hair Trimmer Shaver Clipper Cleaner
Product Specifications: Brand new & High quality. Professional personal shaver, great traveling co..
POVOS Pentium PW806 reciprocating shaver
C & C the twknives Shaving System geometric sharp knife network steel head independent floa..
POVOS lady shaver PS1086
Arc head perfectly fit the curves of the body, shave excess hair easily applied tthe underarm hair ..
POVOS Pentium rotary shaver PQ9100
POVOS Pentium rotary shaver PQ9100 1 floating 2 heads Body wash designed protect the health ..
Titanium gold mesh Rechargeable Shaver
Condition: Brand new Size: 9cm X 4.5cm X 1.5cm Weight: 0.172Kg Material:Metal Co..
360-degree rotation environmentally friendly electric shaver
Condition: Brand new Size: 7cm X 8cm X 2cm Weight: 0.310Kg Material:Metal Colour..
Three heads washed razor (3051) random color
Condition: Brand new Size:16cm X 12cm X 7cm Weight: 0.394Kg Material: Plastic, metal,..
Eyebrow tweezers
Condition: Brand new Size:9cm X 1cm X 1cm Weight: 0.013Kg Material: Stainless steel ..
Nose cleaner
Condition: Brand new Size:2.5cm X 2.5cm X 13cm Weight: 0.042Kg Material: ABS + electr..
car shaver
Condition: Brand new Size:14.3cm X 18.5cm X 4.8cm Weight: 0.22 Kg Material: ABS + ele..
Rechargeable hair ball trimmer shaved velvet
Condition: Brand new Size:13cm X 7.5cm X 19cm Weight: 0.288 Kg Material: ABS + electr..
Dimensional five blade razor
Condition: Brand new Size:16.5cm X 5.5cm X 3cm Weight: 0.48 Kg Material: ABS + Electronic..
Card-thin portable razor 3 blade
Carzor ultra-portable cassette razor, the initial product concept put forward by the Taiwanese d..
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